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Instructus is delighted to be on the ESFA Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO) and approved to deliver End Point Assessment on the following Standard:

Retail Team Leader

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Availability: End Point Assessment (EPA)

  • We are ready to discuss your EPA requirements for Retail Team Leader.
  • Our delivery model has been called ‘INNOVATIVE’ by ESFA. See below to find out more and discover how our EPA could benefit you and your apprentices.
  • And our Goal is to deliver consistent World Class ‘End Point Assessment’
  • Instructus is aiming to become AAO for Retail Standard (Level 2) in 2017

EPA is not an on demand service but needs to be booked and planned in advance.  It is a process and dialogue between Instructus and your organisation that leads your apprentices to our Gateway. Understanding how to meet our Gateway requirements gives you the confidence that your apprentices are ready for EPA.  

We are developing our tools further and would be interested in hearing from your organisation if you would like to be involved in piloting.

What is End Point Assessment?

Apprenticeships are changing.  The traditional ‘Frameworks’ that involved continuous assessment are being phased out and replaced by ‘Standards’. Standards are apprenticeships designed by employer led groups (called ‘Trailblazers’) to provide the skills, behaviours and knowledge that employers actually want and need. 

End Point Assessment (EPA), as the name suggests, is an assessment process that comes at the end of an apprenticeship. EPA is designed to test the knowledge, skills and behaviours that have been learned over the course of an Apprenticeship. EPA must be delivered by an independent third party that has not been involved in any fashion with the training of the apprentice. This is to ensure that that the grading of an apprentices competence is both fair and consistent.

The object is to demonstrate that an Apprentice is ‘occupationally competent’ in an integrated and synoptic way.  Synoptic means combining multiple testing criteria into a single assessment grade.  The reasoning being that the importance of the process of learning (as distinct from the outcome of learning) is given more attention.

Instructus has an innovative delivery model based on taking all assessment components online.  Although, for Training Providers/Employers in East Midlands, we are open to discussion regarding Assessor site visits and assessment(s).

Our online solution allows our Assessor to cover all English regions, and means the assessment process is reliable, valid and consistent. It is also highly useful for employers, as it means Assessments can be scheduled accurately with minimum disturbance to their staff and apprentice’s working day.

Gateway and Guidance Resources

Gateway refers to the conditions for sitting end point assessment in Retail Team Leader
End Point Assessment takes place in the last 2-3 months of the apprenticeship. Gateway Criteria are benchmarks (and qualifications) in training that the Apprentice must achieve before being able to take End Point Assessment and include:

  • Achieve Level 2 Literacy and Numeracy
  • Completed ongoing training and assessment by Training Provider and Employer. Both of whom must judge an Apprentice ‘ready’ to take End Point Assessment
  • The Apprentice must put together a synopsis for a Retail Project with Employer in advance of EPA (to later be agreed with End Point Assessor). The project will be scheduled for assessment by Instructus within 5-8 weeks of EPA being triggered.

We will provide templates for to help apprentices map their portfolio (for Retail Project and Discussion) against the Standard’s requirements.

At Gateway, Instructus will provide each apprentice with an online learner account. The account has access to our End Point Assessment Guidance and Instruction documents access to mock Multiple Choice Tests, video and email communication systems for the Retail Project and Professional Discussion Assessments.  

Resources/Guidance for EPA

Key Documents

Delivery Model

There are three assessment components to Retail Team Leader End Point Assessment. Our assessments will all be run ‘online’ via our LMS for mock exams and video conferencing (Project and Discussion). Please see below for a brief summary of the assessment components. For further information about our online delivery model, Gateway and the assessments themselves, please contact us.

  • On demand Multiple Choice Exam
  • Retail Business Project
  • Professional Discussion

On demand multiple choice test:  This test will be run on line and be graded automatically. The grade does not count toward to final assessment grade, but the Multiple Choice Test must be passed in order to continue with EPA.

Our Learner accounts give apprentices access to our guidance documents and mock Multiple Choice exams.  The actual test will be scheduled between our Assessor and the employer/apprentice.

Retail Business Project:  This is a project requiring the apprentice to look at an immediate opportunity, problem, challenge or idea within their retail environment e.g. cost saving, efficiency, reducing waste etc. It requires a research proposal and an outline of how to identify improvements and implementation.

Apprentices will have access to guidance documents on how to put together an E Portfolio and the requirements for the Assessment on Retail Business Project.  The Presentation will be conducted over 2 way video at a quiet location at the Employer’s premises.

Professional Discussion: The Professional Discussion can only happen after the presentation of the Retail Project.  Professional discussion is a formal discussion session where learner must be able to discuss their competence using examples from their work life in relation to areas specified on the Standard (and not covered in the Retail Project).

The Professional Discussion will be conducted over two way video at a quiet and secure location at the Employer’s Premises. Guidance documents are available to apprentices via their Learner Account.

Our Assessors

Instructus assessors will be qualified as per the standard’s requirements, and any and all will have the necessary occupational competence to assess ’their’ Standards . We will also ensure that all our assessors have regular and relevant continuous personal development (CPD).

Process for Certification

The ESFA is the organisation that issues Certificates for all Standards. We will comply with all regulations and procedures that ESFA demand. 

Are you interested in becoming an End Point Assessor?

If you hold relevant occupational experience in Customer Services and/or retail, along with Assessor Qualifications, We would like to hear from you.

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